Since January 2022, waste collection in our commune is no longer carried out door-to-door; the inhabitants of Pressignac-Vicq deposit their waste in the PAV (Point d'Apport Volontaire) bins which have been placed at strategic locations in our village.


Each PAV consists of

  • a grey bin for household waste bags
  • a yellow bin for recyclable waste: plastics, packaging and paper/newspapers
  • a green bin for glass
  • a brown bollard for cardboard to be thrown flat 

These bollards are freely accessible, with the exception of the grey bollard for household waste, which can only be opened with a paid personal access card.

To make it easier for us (and you), we have installed three small "collection" bins on our Domain, which you will find behind the large entrance porch (next to our firewood store).

We would be grateful if you could 

  • collect your household waste in the black 30-litre bags provided; once filled, please dispose of them in the first bin (with a grey circle)
  • throw your recyclable waste in the second bin (yellow circle); to collect them, you can use the yellow bag that we provide.
  •  put your empty bottles / glass in the 3rd bin (green circle)

We then take care of depositing everything at the recycling bins.


This system is intended to be "educational" in 2022; from 2023 onwards, we will pay 3 € for each collection of household waste (2*30 litres or 1*50 litres).


We are counting on your help and good management in order to make a real selective sorting and reduce household waste as much as possible. 


For your biodegradable waste, we provide you with a hard plastic bag that you can empty into the compost bin located in our vegetable garden.