"Full fridge" service

After long hours on the road, a late arrival or coming by plane, you may not want to spend the first moments of your holiday in one of the local supermarkets; we then offer to do your first shopping for you.


If you opt for our "fridge full" service, your "cleaning package" will be increased by 5 €.  


The principle :

  • You contact us at least 48 hours before your stay so that we can give you the connection details (*) on the Lalinde Intermarché website - this avoids you having to create an account in your name. We will then tell you the time slot when we can collect your shopping.

(*) Be assured, we change the password after each order.

  • You shop online.
  • If you have a French bank card, you can complete your purchases without our help; the order confirmation will arrive in our inbox perrot@location-vacances-dordogne.fr, and we will then collect it at the agreed time.
  • If you do not have a French bank card, you have the possibility to tick on "payment on receipt" of the goods. In this case, please transfer the amount of your shopping to our bank account, whose details we will send you after receiving the automatic message from Intermarché.


Please note that for online purchases, a minimum amount of 20 € is required.