THE castelnaud and the marqueyssac houses

Some comments on our pellet stove: 

  • Please keep the remote control in the same place near the stove. The remote control acts as a thermostat and regulates the temperature of the stove and the whole house.
  • Please do not open the window while the stove is in operation!
  • We take care of the pellet refill every two days as well as the cleaning of the stove, which means that your only task will be to add pellets if necessary and to regulate the stove temperature.
  • To do this, please press the rectangular button at the bottom of the remote control for a few seconds. As soon as the display appears, first press the down arrow and then regulate the temperature up or down as desired. Then press OK.
  • When you leave the house, please turn down the temperature for reasons of cost and energy. The stove heats up quickly, so you will soon get "your" comfort temperature when you return.
  • In order to enjoy the warmth of the stove in the sleeping rooms, please leave their doors open during the day.

Do not forget that you can contact us at any time if there is any problem with the oven.