There are many hiking trails leading directly from our domain, so you do not have to use your car to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us.


Whether it is a leisurely stroll, a run or a bike ride, just decide how far you want to go and off you go!

Here are some ideas for outings, most of which we have tried out.  Do not hesitate to send us your own for a complete guide.


If you would like to take part in an organised walk, please feel free to join the Amicale Loisirs et Nature association on Monday and Tuesday mornings in Pressignac-Vicq and the neighbouring villages. Please note that no financial participation is required; each participant is only asked to have a civil liability insurance.

Walk on Monday 27 May 2024

Hike in Sainte-Alvère, about 6 km, beginner walkers. Meeting point at the stadium car park for a 9 am start.


Walk on Tuesday 28 May 2024

Hike in Sainte-Alvère, about 9 km, experienced walkers. Meeting point at the stadium car park for a 9 am start.


For details of the meeting point: Jean Jacques +33 6 44 83 94 35  (jj.raynaud06@orange.fr)

Of course, I must not fail to draw your attention to the lovely village of Saint-Félix-de-Villadeix, where I work as municipaly secretary. For many years, the municipality has been offering well-maintained and marked hiking trails with a length of over 35 kilometres all year round. If you are planning a hike there, do not hesitate to pay me a visit in the town hall (large car park in front of the building; starting point for hikes) : I work there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Discover the local heritage with a qualified guide: (paid) walks organised all year round by Elodie and Sandra, between 3 and 5 km :


Sandra +33 6 75 75 81 66

Elodie +33 6 11 35 58 71


More details and photos are 👉 on their Facebook page

If you prefer travelling alone or with your family but don't have too much sense of direction, you can download DORIE. With its little salamander logo, DORIE is a smartphone app that offers you a wide choice of walks in the Dordogne, with heritage, fauna and flora at the forefront. It is an ecotourism that favours soft mobility.

And to spice up your hike (especially if you need to motivate your children to walk 😎), Tèrra Aventura is just the thing for you: the "Special Nouvelle Aquitaine" treasure hunt can be downloaded to your mobile phone and offers you several routes in nice places in our area. I also mention it in an article on our blog (in French):

Interested? Then get started by following the steps below: 


Select it by theme, duration, difficulty or proximity. Download the route data and get started.


Click on "Start". In a few simple steps, you can display your location on the map and hike from stage to stage. Simply enter the answers to the riddles and the GPS coordinates of the cache will be displayed! All you have to do is let yourself be guided...