A 5.8 kilometre loop that allows you to get to the village of Pressignac and its market while avoiding the departmental road.


Beautiful hike with 💕 coup de cœur 💕 assured by good weather.

Return to the heights of the village.



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You leave the Domain in the direction of our mailbox and the main road. Once on the road, turn right. A small path comes up relatively quickly on the left (narrow path, be careful with roots and stones and the slope). Follow this path straight ahead. At the crossroads, continue straight on until you reach Pressignac. At the pond, when you reach the road, turn right towards the church (which you leave on your left).


At the intersection of Pressignac,


to get to the market,

continue a few metres to the left along the road until you reach the town hall and the village square.


to return to Perrot,

take the road in front of you (do not turn left or right). You continue for a few hundred metres before turning right onto the small track which you follow for a long time. You cross the road and continue on the tarmac path "Le Bois du Prince" (there are a few houses on your right). At the next opportunity, a few hundred metres before the D8E8, you turn right onto the small road "Cancelade" which becomes a wooded track. Go down this path until you reach the D36. You will then come to a Y-intersection where you must choose the direction of Saint-Félix-de-Villadeix before finding the path to Perrot a few hundred metres further on your left.